IConsLumkani is a social enterprise focused on overcoming the shack-fire challenge in urban slums in South Africa and across the globe.

2It aims to create positive social impact by increasing the safety and security for shack-dwelling people using technology-based systems that provide early warning.

5Lumkani is underpinned by community partnerships that generate inclusive design solutions and is committed to continual innovation driven by testing and feedback.

4Lumkani seeks to promote business and social practices that respect people, ensure sustainability and create value.



The Team


corc We have been fortunate to partner with the Community Organisation Resource Centre (CORC). They are the local branch of Shack-dwellers International (SDI), and an expert in social change practice. They have rich experience in effective engagement of marginalised communities and the informal settlement environment of South Africa.

seedstarsworld-logo2 We are proud finalists of the SeedStars business competition. 













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Get in touch with us below, or send us an email at info@lumkani.com – we’ll write back.